The tiny device has an ambitious goal for its campaign that awards the Pluggy Lock to backers that pledge $15

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Credit: Pluggy Lock

Credit: Pluggy Lock

APRIL 16: For those of you who often drop or lose your cellphone, a new Kickstarter campaign launched to fund an anchor that can connect a phone or tablet to anything.

UPDATE on May 19: Pluggy Lock on May 19 relaunched its Kickstarter campaign, now seeking only $10,000. The founders said they relaunched the campaign because they were unsure whether they would be able to reach their $35,000 goal. The new campaign now gives the company until June 26 to reach its goal, but as of Tuesday morning it already beat its new goal and raised $11,965 from 535 backers. Because they set a lower goal, the company won’t have to worry about not receiving anything, as Kickstarter does not fund campaigns that do not reach their designated target.

The Pluggy Lock is a device that connects into the headphone dock of any phone or tablet and can then be attached to a purse, lanyard or keychain. The Kickstarter campaign started Wednesday, April 16, and is looking to raise $35,000 by June 9. Backers who pledge at least $15 will get their own Pluggy Locks in September.

It seems like a pretty steep goal for the little anchor device. As of Wednesday morning, the campaign raised about $400 from around 20 backers.

Pluggy Lock was founded by Italian entrepreneurs Mirko Ricciuti and Emmanuel Antonucci. Their startup, Erasnep LLC, is headquartered in Florida. The duo came up with the idea for the product last fall and spent a few weeks in October and November developing the prototype and testing it on the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia phones. After applying for a patent for the technology, the founders did more tests on the Pluggy Lock before contacting suppliers and seeking funding on Kickstarter. Should the campaign succeed, production will start in June.

Credit: Pluggy Lock

Credit: Pluggy Lock

Twist and go

The device attaches to a phone through the headphone dock. The inserted part has a rubber exterior that catches onto the headphone jack interior when screwed in. The device can be removed with a turn in the opposite direction and can be stored in its magnetic cap. In lab testing, the Pluggy Lock was able to hold up to seven pounds (3.2 Kgs).

Additionally, the developers are looking to produce a complementary product called the Selfie Dock. Its function is pretty self explanatory, but it can also be used for video conferences and for anchoring a phone or tablet to a surface for watching videos. This product will be manufactured and given to supporters at no additional costs if the Kickstarter campaign raises at least $60,000.

There doesn’t seem to be similar products available right now, as most anchors connect to phones through the phone case. The Kickstarter campaign however is asking for a lot for the little product. In order for it to succeed, at least 2,300 would have to pledge at least $15. That would mean that at least 44 people need to pledge money every day of the campaign.

It may be a steep goal for the Pluggy Lock, but on its first day it seems to be doing alright.

Credit: Pluggy Lock

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